The process of physical handling of goods in and out of the warehouse is an extensive and costly operation. To keep costs as low as possible, it is essential that quantity and placement of the items are accurate. To have efficient warehouse processes, the company must define the warehouse in terms of layout, put-away and pick logic, as well as internal replenishment information.

Warehouse Management Systems is aimed at companies that need to receive and ship products, while maintaining an optimum space usage and knowing specifically where all products are stored at any given time. Goods can either be stored in predefined (fixed) bins or in random (floating) bins, depending on the need for optimization and the expertise of the warehouse personnel.

The WMS granules provide functionality for executing more advanced warehouse processes such as handling items within a warehouse by zone and bin level, handling directed put-away and pick, and the development of an automated data capture system (ADCS).

The flow of inventory through the warehouse can be divided into three basic processes:
• Receiving items at the warehouse and making them available.
• Handling items for internal distribution/movement/production.
• Picking and shipping items to customers or other locations.

Key Features of Warehouse Management solution are:

 Purely web based solution.
 Host this on internet and access from anywhere.
 Create different user with different rights like some user can only inert details they cannot delete entries from software.
 Maintain stock of raw material, products which you are creating with this solution very easily.
 Maintain sales of product with this solution.
 Generate invoice.
 Maintain rejection of raw material and product very easily.
 Automatic code generation feature like generate sales coed, purchase code, rejection code do not require entering manually like any other software.
 Generate Stock report as per your required period like weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly or any other random period.
 Generate all report in three formats PDF, Word and Excel.
 One click database backup, you can easily take backup of your data with our data base backup features.
 We are providing local support with our solution.

"Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity"
- Charles Mingus